convert dbFoxPro to CSV Converter is a tool to Convert, Migrate data from FoxPro DBF files to CSV / Delimited Text Files or Fixed width files and from CSV / Delimited Text Files to FoxPro DBF files or Visual FoxPro Database DBC. You can convert multiple dbf files in one go from . While converting you can select and de-select and arrange table columns, filter rows by specifying WHERE conditions.

FoxPro to CSV Converter comes with a built in scheduler so that you can run transfer jobs at specified intervals. Now no need to run jobs repeatedly, just create a session define the schedule date and time and FoxPro to CSV Converter will automatically executes your session in the background and records the actions in a specified log file. You can later on check the log file for information.

All the sessions are stored in a repository. FoxPro to CSV Converter provides a user friendly interface to manage repository. Such as taking backup and/or restore repository from a previous backup. You can also create a new blank repository in case you need it.

Using FoxPro to CSV Converter you can perform the following conversion

  • FoxPro Database / DBF files to CSV / Delimited / Fixed Width files
  • CSV / Delimited Text files to FoxPro Database / DBF Files
  • FoxPro to FoxPro Database / DBF files
  • CSV / Delimited Text Files to CSV / Delimited / Fixed Width files

Other Main Features

  • Wizard based
  • Specify WHERE conditions to filter data
  • Save and Schedule of Sessions for recurring data transfers.
  • Fast Speed
  • No need to write any code
  • Select single or multiple FoxPro DBF’s files to transfer in one session
  • Select or Deselect Columns while transferring
  • Economical costs just $99 For Standard Version
  • Fully functional Trial version with just 50 rows limit is available
  • Transfer Millions of rows easily and fast. That’s what our existing Customers are doing


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