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MSSQL to MySQL Converter is a tool to Convert, Migrate or Synch data from MS SQL Server Database to MySQL Database or from MySQL to MS SQL Server Database. You can convert multiple tables in one go from MS SQL Server to MySQL or from MS SQL Server to MySQL database.

While converting if the source and target table columns are not in the same order, then our tool lets you map source table columns to matching target table columns. Further it also let’s you to convert all rows or subset of rows by adding WHERE conditions if required.

It comes with a built in scheduler so that you can run transfer jobs at specified intervals. Now no need to run jobs repeatedly, just create a Session define the Schedule Date and Time and MSSQL to MySQL Converter will automatically executes your session in the background and records the actions in a specified log file. You can later on check the log file for information.

Since MySQL and MariaDB are almost identical our converter will work flawlessly for MariaDB database also

Provides a command line interface also to run migration jobs manually so that it can be easily integrated with your own application.


Effortlessly Sync Your MSSQL and MySQL Databases in a Snap!

MSSQL to MySQL Converter can Synchronize source and target tables. It supports UPSERT (Combination of UPDATE and INSERT statements) and conditional INSERT options.

UPSERT and INSERT Functionality in MSSQL To MySQL Converter

The UPSERT functionality within MSSQL to MySQL Converter offers the ability to modify an existing row within the target table if a matching row is present. Conversely, if a matching row is not found, this feature enables the insertion of a new row.

Illustrated below is an example involving both the Source and Target tables, along with the outcome that will ensue when selecting the UPSERT loading option and using the “ORDER_ID” column as the basis for comparison.


SQL Dump Files

Generating SQL Dump Files for Data Transfer

Our tool let’s you create a MySQL SQL dump file from MS SQL Server source table or MS SQL Server SQL dump file from MySQL source table.

MSSQL to MySQL Converter enables the generation of SQL dump files, that can be executed directly within your intended database. SQL dump file generation proves invaluable when direct access to the Target Database is unavailable.

For instance, consider a situation where a table within MS SQL Server necessitates migration to a MySQL database situated on a separate machine. Complications might arise due to the inability to establish direct connectivity from MS SQL Server to the MySQL database. In such a scenario, MSSQL to MySQL Converter let’s you to generate a MySQL dump file from the source MSSQL tables. Subsequently, you can effortlessly transport this SQL file to the MySQL database server and execute it through the MySQL native client utility.

Convert Views

MSSQL to MySQL Converter will also Convert Views from MSSQL to MySQL or from MySQL to MS SQL Server.


All the sessions are stored in a repository. It provides a user friendly interface to manage repository, such as taking backup and/or restore repository from a previous backup. You can also create a new blank repository in case you need it.


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