convert db MSSQL to Excel / CSV files Converter is a tool to Convert, Migrate data from Excel XLS / XLSX / CSV / Delimited Text Files to MS SQL Server Database or from MSSQL to CSV / Delimited Text Files or Fixed width files. You can convert multiple files in one go to MSSQL tables or convert multiple MSSQL tables to CSV files. While converting you can map source columns to matching destination table columns, filter rows by specifying WHERE conditions.

Creates tables with matching data types and widths and loads the data without need to write a single piece of code



Transfer data in just few steps

  1. Select Excel / CSV files
  2. Select the target MSSQL database
  3. (Optional) Specify any Column Mappings or Choose loading options
  4. Click Start and watch the progress as it the data is loaded into MS SQL tables

Once executed, you can save the Session in a repository to run it again in future. You can run the Session again manually or you can also run the session from command line interface also. You can even schedule it to run at specific intervals and in built Scheduler will execute it automatically

All the sessions are stored in a repository.  The Converter provides a user friendly interface to manage repository. Such as taking backup and/or restore repository from a previous backup. You can also create a new blank repository in case you need it.

Perform the following conversions using Excel / CSV to MSSQL Converter

  • Excel / XLS / XLSX / CSV / Delimited Text files to MSSQL Database
  • MSSQL to CSV / Fixed width files
  • Excel or CSV file to MS SQL Server SQL Dump file
  • Excel or CSV to CSV / Delimited / Fixed width files
  • MSSQL to MSSQL Database
  • MSSQL to MS SQL Server SQL Dump file

Synchronizes EXCEL / CSV and MS SQL Server databases by Updating a row if a matching row exist in the  target table. If the matching row does not exist it Inserts a new row in the target MSSQL table

  • Wizard based
  • Map Source Columns to Target Table columns
  • Specify WHERE conditions to filter data
  • Save and Schedule of Sessions for recurring data transfers.
  • Fast Speed uses MSSQL Bulk Loading option
  • Completely user friendly
  • No need to write any code
  • Select single or multiple CSV files to transfer
  • Select or Deselect Columns while transferring
  • Change Destination Data Types and widths
  • Automatic Checking of Datatype mismatch
  • Most Popular product in Database App. section in CNET
  • Economical costs just $99 For Standard Version
  • Fully functional Trial version with just 50 rows limit is available
  • Transfer Millions of rows easily and fast.
  • Supported almost all Windows O/s: Win 8.1, Windows 7 , Win 2012, Windows 2008, XP


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